Transylvania Hostel Gets a Facelift

Priming the walls to be painted

For many people the winter months bring visions of lazy days sitting with a mug of hot chocolate by a roaring fire. For the Transylvania Hostel crew, however, the winter months are the perfect time to renovate! With the frosty white snow outside, we decided to add some color to the hostel.

Hostel Team Hard at Work

Go Go Gadget Paint Rollers!

To choose our pallet we consulted with artist Becky Gehrisch from She suggested an earthy gold with a terracotta accent wall to make our social spaces feel even warmer and more inviting than they already did.

Armed with paint brushes and rollers the team attacked our white walls. Even the first few strokes filled the rooms with a cozy glow and plenty of soft warm energy.

Transylvania Hostel's New Reception

Isn't it beautiful?

When the paint dried we sat back to admire the new atmosphere in the hostel. It’s amazing how a few coats of paint have given new color and new life to our humble abode. We couldn’t be happier, and we’re excited to see how our returning guests will react to the improvements.

The Common Room and the entryway are finished, and the Game Room is next on our list. Works are scheduled to begin soon. Look for more photos here when the project is finished.

Hostel Manager at Work

We're waiting for you!

We cordially invite all of our hostel guests – past, present, and future – to make a run for Cluj-Napoca and tell us what you think of our new vibe!


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