Roxette is coming to Cluj on the 19th of July 2012!

Transylvania Hostel recomendsWhenever I think of the 90s, I think of all the crazy videos, the funny hairdos and the weird clothes. Of course, they’re just weird for someone living in 2012, cause back then, they were just cool and awesome stuff.

One of the bands that I still love from back then is Roxette. And whenever I think Roxette, I think of their first video, Joyride, which is like a trip back in time. There’s so much happening in that video that you’re absolutely disoriented by all the toys and carousels and things in motion… As someone on youtube defined their video: ,,bad haircuts, great music”… and they’re right, cause you still tap your feet hearing the sound of their music…

Of course, that’s not the only song that made Roxette famous. There’s also “It must have been love“, “Listen to your heart” or “Sleeping in my car”, songs that you probably know if you lived or grew up in the 90s.

Andrea - Transylvania Hostel TeamI remember I saw a fridge magnet once, that said: ,,If you can remember the 60s, you weren’t there”… And I was thinking today that ,,If you can’t remember Roxette in the 90s, you probably weren’t there”… And today, you can see Roxette in Cluj Napoca, at Cluj Arena.

Enjoy the joyride!


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