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BPN-Signet-Best-Price-Cyan-4Making your reservation on any other hostel booking website will cost you 10-15% more in unnecessary commissions. When you book directly with us there are no commissions to pay. You’ll always find our lowest prices here so you can save your money for your trip!

Are you a group of 10 People or More?

Please send an email request to and include the following information:
Check-in Date
Checkout Date
Number of People
Room Type(s) Desired
Name of contact person
Type of group (ex. Scouts, university students, sports team)
Nationality of Guests
Age of Guests
Estimated Time of Arrival

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a party hostel. We do not accept stag, hen, or other party groups of any kind. Groups that cannot behave in a civilized manner will be removed from the hostel without refund. We will collect a 25euro security deposit from each member of the group upon arrival. This will be returned at the end of the stay provided that there is no damage to the hostel or disturbance to other guests.

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    65 Lei (~13 €)*

  • A Bed in a Dorm

    Our Spacious 8, 10 or 12-Bed Dorms are designed with the needs of Backpackers in mind. Shared dormitories are the perfect way to meet other travelers and also get some good rest on the road.

    • plugs at every bed
    • big lockers to accommodate a large backpack
    • Free Wi-fi
    • vivid colors on the walls

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    75 Lei (~15€)*

  • 6 Bed Dorm

    The Six-Bed Dorm is ideal for a small group of friends or individual travelers who want to meet other people.

    • plugs at every bed
    • big lockers
    • Free Wi-fi
    • heavy blackout curtains for late morning sleepers

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    85 Lei (~17 €)*

  • 4 Bed Dorm

    Our 4-Bed Dorm is a combination of old style and new comfort. Planned for convenience.

    • plugs at every bed
    • spacious lockers can fit large backpacks and luggage
    • Free Wi-fi
    • comfortable reading chair with vintage lamp and furniture
    • heavy blackout curtains for late morning sleepers

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    180 Lei (~37 €)*

  • Twin Room

    With our garden courtyard right at your doorstep our Twin Room was thought for two friends who each want a comfortable night’s sleep in their own bed. This room is perfect for people that would like to have more privacy and at the same time the social aspect of a hostel.

    • two separate beds
    • separate bathroom shared with the Double Room
    • Free Wi-fi
    • heavy blackout curtains for privacy

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    180 Lei (~37€)*

  • Double Room

    Our Double Room is the perfect balance for couples who want the social aspect of a hostel when you’re awake and the privacy of a hotel while you sleep.

    • large bed for two people
    • separate bathroom shared with the Double Room
    • Free Wi-fi
    • heavy blackout curtains for privacy

*The listed prices are available between 1 July and 31 August. They do not apply during the Electric Castle or Untold Festival