Interview with Joben Bistro, Cluj-Napoca

Joben, the most famous steam-punk bistro in Europe, where every day the curious eyes can discover new aspects inspired from the Victorian Era, is one of the places that Cluj-Napoca is proud to have. It is so special not only for its unique ideas of machines, but also for its wide specialty of food and drinks that you can find here. We present you a short interview that we had with the manager of the place, Andreea Boanfa, so you can find the story behind this amazing place:

1. What is the concept of your bar and how did you come up with the idea?
The concept of the place is inspired by the work of Jules Verne and it represents a journey around the world. It all started almost 2 years ago, but we were having plans even one year before all this started when we were already gathering parts of the decorations.

main room joben cluj
2. Can you describe your main clientele?
We don’t have a main clientele, everyone is welcome. Still, the ones that come here more often are the foreign travelers.

3. What is it about your restaurant that makes it unique?
Joben is a steam-punk place, which reminds of the Victorian Age, the time when the steam machines spread through our society. We chose to name it Joben, because back in that period, the people that were wearing this hat were seen very well in society. Also, the places was qualified in the world top 3 for its unique design, which we always change, bringing improvements in order to avoid monotony.
joben cluj napoca
4. What is your specialty food or service that can only be found here?
The way of serving the drinks or the food makes all of them special. We recommend steam-punk cheese plate, fright pickles and for drinks: cyber punch, time machine etc.

steam punk cheese plate cluj joben bistro
5. Do you or anyone on your team have any backpacking experience?
We traveled much around the world, especially in France. We also learn from the restaurants and bars from outside. We appreciate the design of the Hungarian bars a lot.

6. What do you think about the guests who come from Transylvania Hostel?
They are very important to us. Thanks to their continuous presence and positive reviews, we are where we are today. They are the ones that appreciate the most our uniqueness. We love that many of them come back or keep in contact with us through social media.

Now that you know for what this place is so famous and also how its concept was brought into existence, we don’t want to reveal more, you have to discover it yourself!

We’ve been there and we love it, now is your turn!

Interview and text by Iuliana Pasca (Julie)

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