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Interview with The Flying Circus Pub, Cluj-Napoca

One can’t just simply live or travel to the beautiful city of Cluj-Napoca and not go, at least once, to its famous pub Flying Circus, located in the heart of the city. From the menu to its staff members and music, you will find only uniqueness in everything, as Larisa Ionesi suggests in the interview that she gave for Transylvania Hostel, where she also reveals some secrets about this place, but you better read it yourself:

flying circus cluj napoca for transylvania hostel

  1. What is the concept of your bar, and how did you come up with the idea?

The concept of Flying Circus is, firstly, to be a meeting point in Cluj-Napoca for the alternative people who like the same stuff, that they don’t find elsewhere, being that we are supporting the alternative culture, in any of its aspects. At the same time, the concept of Flying Circus is to harmoniously combine a live venue, with a club and an arthouse cinema. The main idea is to offer a wide diversity of different activities and events on a daily base. Our drinks and our food are on a high level of quality and a very fair price, the perfect combo. And, let’s not forget that Flying Circus it’s open 365 days from 365 (and, once at four years, 366 from 366 🙂 ).

people having fun in flying circus cluj-napoca

1.Can you describe your main clientele?

We could…if we had one. But we don’t. There is no “main clientele”. Our clients are as diverse as our program. We have from students to professors and from tourists to artists and, of course, the normal people of Cluj-Napoca, too.  So we don’t have a main clientele, we have clients, clients who are distinct.

2. What is it about your bar that makes it unique?

Our menu (and soon, the food one too), our crew and our program are making Flying Circus unique. The menu is unique. The crew is “uniquer”. And the program is “uniquest”.

3. What is your specialty drink or service that can only be found here?

shots night at flying circus cluj

Our specialty drink that can only be found here is…prepare yourself, Inferno. It sounds like hell, but it tastes like heaven. Everyone who passed our threshold (and, especially, went down our stairs) knows this. It’s a fact! Likewise, we have a nice and tasty selection of handmade/craft beers made in Romania and in other countries. Stop by and try them, don’t sit there and only read about it!

4. Do you or anyone on your team have any backpacking experience?

Many of us had travelling experiences (and still do), and that’s how some of us established here, in Cluj-Napoca. So, they had, let’s call them, “backhousing” experiences, regarding that they moved in. 🙂

People at concert in Flying Circus Cluj-Napoca

5. What do you think about the guests who come from Transylvania Hostel?

We see much of them and we are grateful for this. They are diverse, eclectic and curious. Correction, very curious.

This being said, we can’t wait to see you in there and to have an Inferno shot with you!

Interview and text by Iuliana Pasca (Julie)

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