Transylvania International Film Festival 2012

Transylvania International Film Festival

Transylvania International Film Festival

If last week Cluj Napoca was animated by the crowds brought by the city days, starting the 1st of June, another surprise is coming. So, ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to the fascinating world of TIFF, or the ,,Transilvania International Film Festival”.

I know all you film lovers are drooling right now, and let me say, you honestly have a reason to do so! For ten days, Cluj Napoca will be the main place to be. Lots of people are coming to town just for the film festival, as TIFF has gotten bigger and better every year.

As you’d probably expect, you won’t see the usual Hollywood productions you see on TV. The festival has its main focus on European movies, and you can probably get to even see some premieres.

TIFF Music Night 2012

I have no idea what kind of movies you personally like, but I can actually guarantee that you’ll find something you’ll like. TIFF has all kinds of movies: short movies, excruciatingly long ones (I’m guessing that after my description you know which ones I prefer out of the two), happy movies, dramas, documentaries, educational films, well known movies (Dr. Strangelove stood out for me) and also independent productions. Just take your pick!

But TIFF doesn’t mean just movies. It pretty much got to be synonymous with a feeling and a way of life. You’ll feel it when you go around town during the festival: people talking about arts and movies, concerts, special exhibitions and more. If you need any extra information on the schedule or the movies, you can just use the TIFF official website (which you can find HERE) and the well-known

Andrea Transylvania Hostel Staff

So I’ll see you there, and we’ll share some popcorn and stories together!


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