Halloween Party

 Halloween party

Transylvania Hostel Halloween Party 2011

Come one, come all!

Transylvania Hostel is proud to invite you to our Annual Halloween Party, 2011 Edition

This year’s theme is the ‘Circus Show’. If you’re our guest, future guest, party animal or friend of Transylvania Hostel and you’re in Cluj on the 31st of October, get your costume and join us! Starting with 7pm you’re in for a wild night of fun, magic and juggling shows, drinking, dancing, karaoke and games.

Last but not least, if you come up with a great costume and impress us / take our breath away, we will reward you with the Prize for the Best Costume in the House.

After midnight we’re taking the party to another level and move it to the perfect place to run a circus show, none other than the Flying Circus Pub.

Bring whichever food or drinks tickle your fancy to share with everyone. We’re taking care of the rest.

And remember: a clown always smiles! 🙂

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