George Enescu International Festival

The summer days have gently turned into autumn and Cluj-Napoca is becoming full of life and colours. With this welcomed change comes the renewed buzzing of student activity and a host of different events, including theatre, music and dance.

First up is the International Classical Music Festival “ George Enescu”, named after the famous Romanian composer bearing the same name. The festival runs from September 01 – 25, 2011 in venues in Cluj and other cities across the country.

Whether it’s an internationally know or a recently composed piece, you shall find quality music played by some of the finest artists of the world.

So join us at Transylvania Hostel in Cluj, where until the 25th of September you can feast your ears on amazing notes and enjoy tan array of visual beauty.

Some of the Cluj highlights include:

  • The “Transilvania” State Philharmonic Cluj – 04 Sep
  • El Banch / El Ballet Nacional Chileno – 09 Sep
  • The Hungarian National Philharmonic – 12 Sep
  • Tim Horton and Adrian Brendel – 13 Sep

For more information, including the complete schedule and a list of the venues across Romania, please visit the festival’s official website: “George Enescu” International Festival

We’re looking forward to seeing you soon in Cluj-Napoca!

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