Comedy Cluj, a Backpacker’s Opinion

Comedy ClujThe seventh edition of Comedy Cluj came to an end this Sunday and it is time for us to make up our opinion about the festival. In the ten days of screenings we tasted a few different types of humour and…we loved it!

While film festivals might not seem a priority on a backpacker’s list, yet, they provide a nice alternative to the usual sightseeings. They are a guaranteed source of entertainment. Why?

First and foremost: films. Have not yet met a person who does not enjoy watching movies. I’m sure there are these types of people, but, let’s be honest, you probably don’ want them around you anyway. A rescue form an awkward date, a chill evening with friends or just some quality time with oneself; films are an all time winner for an affordable, relaxing evening

I know what you are thinking, there is no point wasting your time going to the movies during your travels, where you can do that back home. Does not seem to go well with the idea of getting to know new places. Ok, yes, I totally agree but a film festival is a bit more than just going to the cinema. Basically, it is a hub for international filmmakers to express there work and an opportunity for you to admire or criticise it. Comedy Cluj is dedicated to the comedy genre. With a great selection of films, it allows us to virtually travel trough cultures from a cinema seat. Traveling is all about diversity.

Last but not least, let us remember the festival part of Comedy Cluj. Festivals bring people together. There is a sense of community we create when we share a laugh in the cinema theatre. When humour is the ultimate ice breaker, the chit-chat that usually accompanies it becomes unnecessarily. Can you ask for more?

Convinced? Don’t have to be. Just give it a try and let us know what you think. As for us, you can find us at the next year’s edition of Comedy Cluj, until then, more adventures to come!

Monica Giurgiu

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