Cluj Napoca Days

In 2013 the “Cluj Days” or “Zilele Clujului” will be organized between the 24th-31st of May.

The exact schedule will be released soon. For more insights for this event, you can have a look at what happened last year at the “Cluj Days” bellow.

25 May-1June 2012

Cluj Napoca

Starting the 25th of May, all of Cluj Napoca will be in a festive mood, as until the 1st of June, it’s ,,Cluj days”, which are happy days indeed. Everyday there will be lots of things to do, to see and try. There’s a huge list of events, and I’m pretty sure anyone cand find stuff to do. My favorite thing ever is , of course, FOOOD!:D The fact that the City Hall’s Restaurant has an „international food week” (makes me very happy, as every day you can try specific dishes from a certain country (China, Belgium, Spain, UK, Koreea, Germany, Romania). Also, the food will be pretty inexpensive, so probably I’ll see you there:) Also, if food doesn’t convince you (even though I think I’ve made a pretty good point), there’s lots of concerts with different styles, like jazz, indie, folk, classical or even pop. There’s also a Treasure Hunt going on, and if you’re a sports person, you can even go and see boxing matches or street ball games, or you can even watch martial arts demonstrations. Not satisfied yet? Then maybe you’ll want to go to one of the foreign movie projections that the City Hall is offering for free at Cinema Mărăşti. Or if you’re an art lover you can go see the one of the many photo exhibitions at the Tailor’s Tower or you can even participate in painting or photography workshops. Also, there will be a bunch of theatre plays that you can see during Cluj days.

Andrea Hostel Staff

If you still have some time, you can go look over all the artisans that will invade the city with sweets, gourmet foods (of course I had to bring up food again), and lots of ethnic art or wonderful earrings. You can find the whole schedule for ,,Cluj days” on or you can just ask the staff at Transylvania Hostel for any advices you need. See you there! Andrea Transylvania Hostel Staff

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