Basic words for travelers in Romania

Dear hostel guests and travelers, while most people you will encounter in Cluj speak pretty decent English, here’s a list of words and phrases that might come in handy:

First words in Romanian:

Hello – Buna / Salut
Goodbye – La revedere
Good morning – Buna dimineata
Good afternoon – Buna ziua
Good evening – Buna seara
Yes – Da
No – Nu
Please (formal) – Va rog
Please (informal) – Te rog
Thanks – Multumesc
How much is it? – Cat costa?
See you later – La revedere
Excuse me (formal) – Ma scuzati
Excuse me (informal) – Scuze

Basic Romanian phrases

My name is .. – Numele meu este ..
I am called .. – Ma cheama ..
What is your name (formal)? – Cum va numiti?
How are you (formal)? – Cum sunteti?
Fine, and you (formal)? – Bine, dar dumneavoastra
Pleased to meet you (formal) – Incantat sa va întalnesc

Communication problems

Do you speak English? – Vorbiti engleza?
I don’t speak Romanian – Nu vorbesc limba româna
Could you write it down? – Ati putea scrie aceasta?
Does anyone speak english? – Vorbeste cineva engleza?
Can you repeat that? – Puteti repeta?
I don’t understand – Nu inteleg
Pardon? – Cum?
What does […] mean? – Ce înseamna […]?

Romanian phrases: shopping

I want to buy .. – Vreau sa cumpar
I’m just looking – Ma uit doar
It’s too expensive – Este prea scump
I don’t have any change – Nu am bani marunti
That’s all, thanks – Atât, multumesc
I’d like a refund – As dori o restituire
Do you have a larger size? – Aveti o marime mai mare?
Do you have a smaller size? – Aveti o marime mai mica?
I would also like the receipt – As dori si bonul

Romanian phrases: bars and restaurants

I would like a beer – As dori o bere
Do you serve cocktails? – Serviti cocktailuri?
Can you smoke here? – Se poate fuma aici?
Do you serve vegetarian dishes? – Serviti mancare vegetariana?
Can you bring the check please? – Ne aduceti nota va rog?