Work with us
and meet interesting people

Do you know the people above?

Probably not, but you could meet fun people like them if you worked at Transylvania Hostel!

Does this sound like you? This is hostel work:
Do you want to meet them?

We’re looking for amazing receptionists to welcome foreign travelers, make them feel at home, and help them discover everything that is awesome about Cluj. (No seriously, that’s actually a job, hostel work!)

  • You’re multitalented
  • You speak foreign languages
  • You love to travel
  • You’re outgoing and like making new friends
  • You’ll talk to anyone
  • You’re enthusiastic about Cluj-Napoca
  • You enjoy entertaining others
  • You help strangers because it’s nice
  • You have a positive outlook on life
  • You’re a patient person
  • You enjoy organizing fun activities
  • You like telling and listening to stories
  • You have a strong sense of customer service
  • You like to make people happy
  • You’re proactive & can work independently
  • You have a creative mind
  • You know what a hostel is
  • You can tell a joke, sing a song, or dance a jig without getting self conscious

Then we want to meet you!  Send your CV to