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Do you know the people above?

Probably not, but you could meet fun people like them if you worked at Transylvania Hostel!

Does this sound like you? This is hostel work:
Do you want to meet them?

We’re looking for amazing receptionists to welcome foreign travelers, make them feel at home, and help them discover everything that is awesome about Cluj. (No seriously, that’s actually a job, hostel work!)

  • You’re multitalented
  • You speak foreign languages
  • You love to travel
  • You’re outgoing and like making new friends
  • You’ll talk to anyone
  • You’re enthusiastic about Cluj-Napoca
  • You enjoy entertaining others
  • You help strangers because it’s nice
  • You have a positive outlook on life
  • You’re a patient person
  • You enjoy organizing fun activities
  • You like telling and listening to stories
  • You have a strong sense of customer service
  • You like to make people happy
  • You’re proactive & can work independently
  • You have a creative mind
  • You know what a hostel is
  • You can tell a joke, sing a song, or dance a jig without getting self conscious

Then we want to meet you!  Send your CV to  and follow this link to fill out our questionnaire  to enter our selection process for an interview


Seeking Warm-Hearted Hosts
Transylvania Hostel is looking for some special individuals with warm hearts and kind souls to help us welcome travelers to Cluj and make their time here unforgettable. Each member of our team contributes to the character of the hostel and brings it to life by bringing their own personality, talents, and charisma into the mix. If you are the kind of person that people love to be around, then we want to meet you!
Do you love meeting new and interesting people? We focus our attention on international backpackers, and we also host all kinds of groups and individual travelers from around the world. There is a chance to meet and connect with pretty much every type of person out there. If you have a genuine interest in other people and want to learn about their cultures while sharing your own, then you should definitely apply.
Making a hostel feel like a home does take a lot of effort and dedication. We are searching for someone proactive with a strong work ethic and a sense of great service to create that cozy atmosphere for our guests every day. This is a small family business and we operate with a very small team, so everyone does a good amount of everything that goes on. We are looking for people who prefer to get involved in multiple aspects of the hostel rather than just reception tasks. Most days you would work independently, and essentially be the face of the hostel. There is a lot of work involved to make everything run smoothly, and it is very rewarding when it is done well. If this sounds like an appealing kind of challenge, then you might be a perfect fit!
Our hostel has received the award for ‘Best Hostel in Romania’ six times due to the amazing people who have poured their hearts and souls into making it a wonderful place for travelers through the years. Now we are looking for this year’s team of exceptional hosts to continue that tradition and make it even better. If you are a natural host with a warm presence, then come join our team and contribute to another year of wonderful experiences for our guests.
  • We are looking for a commitment from April until December 2020.
  • No work experience is necessary, but we would love to hear what kind of skills and talents you would bring to the team.
  • Proficiency in English is a must. English is the main language spoken in the hostel.
  • Special consideration will be given to applicants who have ever been on an independent backpacking trip and stayed in backpacker hostels.
  • Training is provided.