About Our Guests

nishadI do tower running. I run up stairs for fun. My most recent race was in Warsaw. A building of 38 floors and we had to run up the 836 stairs.My time was 6 minutes and 21 seconds. I do these races everywhere around Europe.
benI was there when the earthquakes were happening in Christchurch. There were 2 big ones, first one in September. 6.8 magnitude at 4 in the morning. I woke up from my sleep. You know how people usually protect themselves underneath tables or doors? But when it actually happens you just freeze. This one did not kill anyone. The second one though was really close to the city. 6.3 magnitude during midday, I think, and it pretty much destroyed the place. I was watching TV just before it happened, and it was not so bad in my part of the city, but a whole building collapsed and around 100 people died. We had to boil water for a month and the University was closed 2 months. After that we had classes in tents. I was in a Baptist church, for example. We did some volunteering with the Student Volunteer Army and we dug out the sand from the houses. I think the city has not been rebuilt yet.
PerEvery year I go to Italy to ski for 2 or 3 weeks. Some time ago I met a couple of Romanians there. One was called Daniela and she was one of the most amazing people I`ve met in some time. One year later, i met her son as well, Bogdan. I couldn`t understand why the Romanians were portrayed so badly in the media. I came here for the first time in 2009 and after 6 days I decided that it is a place where I want to spend more time in. Last year in April I gave up my apartment in Denmark, I packed my bag and came to Romania to start a new adventure. I`ve been here for nearly a year now and I am still enjoying every moment of it. Cluj-Napoca will always be a part of my life.
AndrewI collect old musical instruments. My oldest one is from 1928. It was my old saxophone. I still have it and I`ll probably never sell it. I bought it when I was 14 and its name is Scarlet. She is beautiful.
Brody– Before I started travelling I was having the typical Canadian mindset: I wanted a job, a wife, kids and a dog. I was even saving money for a house. Then I used all that money for this journey.

– And what do you want now?

– I don’t want anything, I just live day by day. It’s enough.

DavidPeople say I am a nice person and a good cook. In my life I experienced many bad things, like death and abuse. This made me a strong person, because you need to take the positive from any experience, learn from them and become a wiser person for the future.
All I want from my life is to be happy, so I make every effort possible, every minute of every day to be happy and to spread the peace, sunshine and happiness to every person that I meet.
Ricardo #HumansofTransylvaniahostelI started busking and traveling with my band in August 2014. I have been to 27 countries so far. The first time I did it by myself was in Amsterdam train station when I got my wallet stolen. Then, I had to play to eat. Now, it is like therapy, sitting in the city and playing my ukulele. It is greatly satisfying to watch the different reactions of people from all around Europe.
ClaireI am a project manager in London. I came to Romania for the weekend to see something new.

Last week I was in Bucharest and I was talking with this Egyptian guy who hasn’t met a British person before. He told me that “your accent is so strange. I though it was funny.

Urtzzi, Pedro and PedroWe came here to buy wood, to study it and to understand the primal material that we use for making musical instruments. This wood is really special. See all of this marks? It shows a genetic anomaly that you can find in 1 out of 10 000 trees. We make violins, violas, cellos and other instruments as well.
Anca & BernardoI got a full scholarship in Switzerland some years ago. I was studying architecture. After staying there for 2 years, I moved to Portugal for a project. I worked with some amazing Portuguese people so I stayed longer than it was originally planed. One night I was at a party in a small bar, more or less of the same size as this room. I didn`t want to leave Portugal without meeting some surfers. That was when I met him. Soon after we decided to see each other again and ended up on different hills in Lisbon. We moved together in the end and decided to come to Bucharest to find work. I work as a University assistant and he is a sound engineer for a club in Bucharest. We got married 5 months ago.
BrettI remember when I was younger and I was making mix tapes. I was waiting until the song I wanted came at the radio and I had to press record at the right time. Otherwise I`d miss the intro and had to wait for the song again. I ended up listening to radio for a full day like this.
EndaDon`t you wish you could record all those crazy conversations… lost in the depts of your mind … you here and share while travelling with similar fun souls… so that you could replay them again and again …. on a dull wet tuesday at home later on? It would make a crazy audio book, !”The madness of minds”. …. fun memories lost in time … making room for more and more…….
CoraIn Germany I plan everything to get things done. But here things did not go the same way. I came with a few ideas and no plans so I learnt that a clear goal in mind requires only optimism to be accomplished.
One way is not better than the other, is just different, and the unexpected opened up my mind.

I am on a journey without a goal; on a quest without an end.

It brings me places, it brings me people and I enjoy every minute of it.