Everything happens for a reason – interview with Tommaso Dainotti

Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to realize how good things really are!


Tommaso Dainotti a 27 years old Italian cook, was our guest for the New Years Eve. As the flight he was supposed to take on the 1st of January, in order to go back to Milan, was cancelled, he had to spend 3 more days in Cluj. And he believes that this must have been the intervention of the fate, because this way he was able to do everything on his bucket list and enjoy Cluj to its fullest!

We believe that everything that happens, happens for a reason! And so believes Tommaso, who’s story we’re going to share with you below.


hostel cluj humans of transylvania hostel tommaso dainotti

When asked what drives him to travel, he said “travelling is the only thing worth the money” and that it helps you get more open minded and therefore, more easy going. He believes that “traveling is about learning: something about other people, something about other cultures and definitely something about yourself; depending on how you relate to those people and those cultural differences, you may discover new aspects of your personality”.

He wanted to spend the New Years Eve outside of Italy so he bought the cheapest flight that he could find online and it turned out to be heading  to Cluj. He came to Transylvania Hostel with no expectations and, as he said, it turned out to be an amazing adventure, which led him to new friendships and a wonderful experience.

He’s more of a “just go with the flow” kind of person, because even if “Cluj was not on my bucket list”, he nevertheless went on this adventure and ended up staying the double amount of days as he initially planned. “When I was in the airport, waiting for the flight” he was telling us “I told myself I don’t want to go home, I wish a could stay here a little longer. And then it just happened! The flight got cancelled! Maybe it is really all about fate…” .

hostel cluj humans of transylvania hostel tommaso dainotti

“You should definitely have more traditional restaurants around the city and you should get more people to know what your culinary traditions are” he said when asked what is his opinion as a cook on the Romanian cuisine. He recommended us to develop the traditional food market as he believes there is a big potential and as he really enjoyed cabbage à la Cluj.

quick tip: we’d also recommend you to try out sarmale (aka cabbage rolls), gulaș, salată de vinete, mămăligă cu brânză și smântână and ciorbă de burtă.

His favorite places in the city, besides Transylvania Hostel (he repeatedly emphasized that), are Zorki and Joben, where he enjoyed the uncommon design and the very nice staff.

quick tip: you can find more information about nice bars and cafès to spend your time in our specially designed guide for bars in Cluj, including Zorki and Joben as well.

Tommaso is looking forward to many more solo-trips and a potential future coming back to Transylvania Hostel. He left with a big smile and a “Ciao belli” on his lips.  This time the flight went as planned and he arrived safely back home, to his pizzas and leaning towers.

Fate loves the fearless! Overcome your fears and come on the adventure of your life together with us!
interview by Eva Bunici for Humans of Transylvania Hostel


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