10 types of travellers

10 Types of Travellers You Find in A Hostel

Great hostels have unique personalities yet the travellers passing trough tend to have some things in common. We made a list with the best types of travellers that you can encounter in our hostel. Which one are you?

1. The One Who Forgot to Leave



He came here for a few days in February and never left. He got accepted by the locals as one of them, he knows the places to be in the city and he is a bit tired of passing backpackers. Might seem a bit unfriendly at the beginning, but once you break the ice he can give you some golden advice about the city.

2. The Party Aussie

party aussie

For him, alcohol is water and water is poison. He is a living encyclopaedia for the city’s nightlife, yet he would get lost on the same streets during the day. A vast resource of drinking games, he has a few he probably authored.

3. The One Who Defines the Saying “Age is Just a Number”

types of travellers

Sharing your hostel dorm with someone that is your parents’ age might seem weird at first. Soon you’ll beg him to be your mentor and to share the secret of the fountain of youth.

4. The Full Time Volunteer

10 types of travellers

Usually cool people, they feel the need to give some meaning to their travels. They have great stories to tell and some witnessed things you read in the newspapers about.

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5. The Hippie Travellers


With the mission to spread peace and love around the world, the hippies are on a sacred quest. They can either be interesting and can provide great alternative lifestyle ideas or they could be an annoying preacher against modern society.

6. The Gap Year Student

going on an adventure

Young and restless, these guys are just embarking in a year-long travel. Jealous much? Just out of high school these guys are so excited about travelling it’s contagious. So be kind. they have a long road ahead.

7. The Tinder Guy

tinder guy

With the phone stuck to his hand, the Tinder guy lives from one date to another. He knows the best romantic restaurants and might stumble upon a tourist attraction if he happens to have a date there. Loves to brag about his coquets and gives explicit detail if you listen.

8. The Digital Nomad

beach or office


The digital nomad has the dream job for any serious traveller. Used with being on the road, the digital nomad is usually an easy-going, fun person to be around. Extra points if he does not brag about the job.

9. The Vagabond

the vagabond

This guys makes you reconsider the notion of money. The vagabond travels with two changes of clothes and seems to use magic beans as main currency, this traveller keeps going on no matter what.

10. The Heartbreaker


love of your life

Remember that beautiful exotic girl and her irresistible smile? You checked out a few places together, she made the hostel feel like home and you almost called your parents to tell them you’re not coming back?


So which type of traveller are you?

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